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About Me

I’m MJ and I groom Pets in a Positive way. 

I love grooming just as much now as I did when I groomed my first cocker's ears.  I am in love with the grooming industry. If you tell me you are a groomer, I’m probably going to get super geeky and want to talk to you. Grooming and training and helping my pet and people clients is what I have dedicated my life to. I opened MJ’s Pet Training Academy in my hometown in Massachusetts in 2012. Running my business, writing about groomers like you for Groomer to Groomer Magazine, and working endlessly to discover, educate, and connect with other professionals who care about their industry and work hard to go above and beyond not just for their own clients but for their industry is what I do. I call the type of grooming I do Positive Grooming and I want to tell you all about why....


About You

Every website has an about section in one form or another, but Positive Groomer is more than just a website and what we do here is about YOU too. This is YOUR about section. We want to find exceptional groomers and pet lovers to connect with. Do you agree with any of the following?

-You are a hard working groomer. You do not just groom pets every day. You work nonstop to go above and beyond for the pets in your care and for the people you work with. The job isn’t always easy but you love everything about it.

-If you are a pet owner, you are exceptional. You make sure your pets have all they need and more. You love your pets and all pets and you do whatever you can to give them the very best care.

-You love learning. You are always in the know when it comes to the latest trends in the industry, new techniques and new tools. You work hard to be the best you can be so that you can provide the pets you care for with nothing but the best and you are open to new ideas.

-Solutions are appreciated. Grooming is hard work. You often have sore hands and muscles, you get scratches, you work hard. You want to help pets. You want to help pet owners. You already have a million things to do so if you can figure out ways to keep doing good without working harder, you will be one happy groomer. You know the saying, work smarter…

-You are awesome! We think it’s great that you love helping pets whether your own or clients'. We love that you work hard and that you care. We think it’s wonderful when groomers continue to grow and learn together and when pet owners come together with groomers. We are glad you are here and we can’t help but notice we have a thing or two in common.


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